Epigenetics Gives Me a Better Chance of Having a Baby?DNA is organized into genes which control everything in our body, including fertility.

Epigenetics is the study of the “on” and “off” switches for genes. Some conditions such as obesity, advanced paternal age, diet and lifestyle choices can cause negative epigenetic changes in sperm genes leading to infertility.

A study performed at Santa Monica Fertility analyzed sperm from men using egg donation to create embryos. In that study, men who produced a high number of viable embryos were found to have different epigenetic profiles than men who produced a low number of viable embryos.

The live birth rate was 92% in the men who produced a high number of embryos compared to only 22% in the men producing a low number of embryos.

Men who are found to have a less-than-optimal sperm tests may improve their sperm in just a matter of a few months through diet, vitamin supplementation, exercise and lifestyle choices.